24 Jul 2011

A rare Doncaster jem

Today I went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. It's about a five minute drive from me and I've never been! I don't  like zoos, however this park was amazing. All of the animals were kept in great enclosures, with loads of space. The lions were definitely my favourite. I was only a few metres from a lioness when she let out a very masculine roar! I'm yet to upload the majority of my photos, but here's my favourite one:

20 Jul 2011

As simple as rock, paper, scissors

Since moving back home from uni a few months ago, the only way that I've been able to feel okay about it (I live in Doncaster) is the six month plan I've made with a friend. The plan entails working and saving up to move to London together and getting jobs. Ah, young naivety. All I've done to keep myself happy is trick my brain into being okay with moving back home because it's only short term.
This has made me ponder over how simple us humans really are. And I'm not just talking about Jeremy Kyle guests. All of us, as much as we like to believe we're the superior species with complex thoughts and feelings, we're kind of...not.
Take the recent, never-ending phone hacking 'scandal', for example. Yes, it's disgusting, illegal, immoral and upsetting. But as a nation we're really turning our attention mostly to violence and pie-throwing. And I haven't escaped the simple net - my poor clothes-forsaken wardrobe is pining for new insides as I refrain from spending money. But as it's for a move to London, my brain is childishly content.
Here's another example. I went to see Bridesmaids at the cinema today, for the second time. Going to see any film twice is a big deal for me - I've recently become a massive film snob. I've come away from the cinemas disappointed far too many times. The Hangover Two was terrible. And not funny. And what on earth was Paul all about?
Bridesmaids has rekindled my faith that all films aren't so bad. But why do I like it so much? Because it's tapped into my funny bone. How? (Don't carry on reading if you're not ready for some integral plot spoilers). Bathroom humor. A hilarious food-poisoning scene and other jokes on par with this, I'm sad to say, have re-lit my film fire.
If my point hasn't been communicated effectively up to this point - I should let you know I'm sort or averagely intelligent, and I have a degree. I know a few synonyms for the word 'nice' and I know not to lick anything electrical. I'm fairly intelligent. But sit me down in front of a film where a woman poos on the street in a wedding dress and I've reached Maslow's self-actualisation.
Humans may dress in suits for work and manage conversations about art, but really, we like food, we like sleep, we like hugs and to feel like we're loved.  And if you don't believe my theory, have a look at this article from today, which explains that research into behavior from the game 'rock, paper, scissors' has shown that we subconsciously mimic the behaviors of others. See? Simple.
Of course, I'm not saying we're not an intelligent species- mankind has invented things I can't even figure out how to work (Twitter included). But when it comes to our deepest fears, our greatest pleasures and our ultimate goals, I believe we are all similar.
 One principle of Buddhism is to never judge anyone, because all humans just want to be happy and avoid pain. That might be the definition of simple - but what's wrong with that?

3 Jul 2011